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What Our Customers Say About Us

The key to our success lies in ensuring the complete satisfaction of our discerning purchasers. We are pleased to say that we fulfil this with every development we complete, underlined by the many positive communications we receive from our buyers. Purchase one of our homes and you too will experience our attention to detail, the high quality of finishes and fittings inside and out, and of course, our exceptional levels of customer service.

They have a great product, they pick great locations and they're very easy to deal with and are trustworthy.

– Mr Ainsworth, Kents Orchard, Houghton

The most memorable positive aspect has been how outstanding the people I have dealt with have been. I am so likely to recommend them because I am very happy and really like the property.

– Eva Ashford, Quay West, Poole

They have been really good, I’m really pleased. I have no complaints with them at all.

– Mr Banister, Weston Grove

Metis Homes has been great to deal with. I bought off-plan and I was able to put my own stamp on the tiling and kitchen cabinet doors. All through this period, Metis Homes was in regular contact with me and hey were very helpful.

– Ms Read, Millers Brook, Sheet

The whole experience has been pleasant, they've been really helpful... they were helpful with the Help to Buy part of it too, they allowed us to visit the property as many times as we wanted - the whole experience has been really good. The final result is done to a high-quality spec and we really like our new home.

– Mr Potts, The Mulberries

They have gone beyond our expectations. They were fantastic…they came in straight away, no questions asked and put everything right, so we can’t fault them.

– Mr Hallett, The Bramleys, Gosport

You would be naïve to think that there are never going to be any problems with a brand new house and the small items we have had have been sorted out without any delay.

– Mr Luckman, Murrells Cottages, Barnham

We were dealt with very professionally and everything went smoothly.

– Mrs Wade Quay West Poole

We had such a good experience with them. I was fearful of buying a new build as I had heard many horror stories. Basically, they were the opposite of all I had read…they listened and they put things right when asked.

– Mr Perryman, Apects, Goring by Sea

The team was very helpful, and I received follow up calls and emails. They were very prompt in dealing with the snagging in my new home.

– Ms Read, Millers Brook, Sheet

I think first and foremost they are quality – the build and quality is very good!

– Mr Rose, Eastgate

The whole buying process was easy because you were clear and helpful with what we were able to do. You gave us a lot of information and kept us up to date. We were able to go on site for regular visits as well. The quality and style of the homes were very good. The plot sizes were brilliant, it was ideal for us and we wouldn't change a thing

– Mr Reeves, The Mulberries, Whitchurch

I’d definitely recommend Metis Homes because of the value for money and they match expectations. They deal with things with the customer in mind. The design is very attractively done; my impression is that one of the priorities was to create light spaces. The houses here are cosy and warm and they are very nice to live in.

– Mr Norris, Kents Orchard

Situated within the grounds of a hospital that was built in the early 1900's, the houses reflect that in the way they are placed. You can barely see the houses within the grounds. As we're within woodlands, you just see a lot of green. When I come out of my front door I'm right on a small bit of common land and everything is at the back, such as the garage and the drive. You just walk up the path to the house. It's very nicely done.

– Shelagh Butcher