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Who we are

Our land and planning team is vastly experienced, with a deep knowledge of the industry and the areas in which we operate. We have considerable expertise in resolving challenging planning issues and are proud to have a 100% success rate with every project we have taken through planning.

Alistair joined Metis Homes from WYG Consultants, where he held an executive role as Director in Planning for many years. Alistair brings with him over 15 years’ experience as a planning consultant with a diverse background in the industry and ample experience leading teams through the development process.

Alistair works alongside our Managing Director, Adam O’Brien, in driving and overseeing all planning activity and will seek to maintain our unblemished track record in the planning arena.

Alistair HarrisPlanning Director

Mike joined Metis Homes from Churchill Retirement Living where he was responsible for the acquisition of land across the south west. In the absence of a land director, Mike also represented the land function on the regional board during his time at Churchill Retirement and was involved in land matters at a group level as well. Mike will use his vast knowledge and experience to advise the team on identifying, sourcing and acquiring land in accordance with Metis Homes requirements.

Mike is a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors having qualified on the Planning and Development pathway whilst working at Savills.

Mike BurtonSenior Land Manager

Adam co-founded Metis Homes in 2007 with Tony Burton, and has long played a pivotal role in the successful management and growth of the business. He formerly worked for Linden Homes where he built a strong reputation for his skill in land buying. Adam was appointed Managing Director of Metis Homes in April 2015 to drive the company forward and develop the Metis Homes brand.

Adam is still involved in the land acquisition and planning side of the Metis Homes business on a day-to-day basis, and utilises his skillset to complement those of the team to ensure that Metis continues to acquire sites in the best possible locations.

Adam O'BrienManaging Director

What we do

At the start of any development site is the land acquisition process. It is the raw material that is essential for what we do. The identification, negotiation and acquisition of land is therefore central to our business.

The Metis Homes team has a 100% proven track record of success in obtaining planning permissions over the 12+ years we have been in operation – a track record which is unmatched in our area of operation.

Our team brings with them a wealth of experience from time spent in the industry working with and for a wide variety of recognised businesses in their respective fields. We are a small company with big credentials and with a real expertise within the real estate sector.

We are unusual in that we deal with a wide variety of sites – from premium, high value areas to more affordable locations, from block of flats to family housing developments, we are always looking for diverse and different opportunities to redevelop.

As a company we take a bespoke approach to all of our sites, selecting the right project team including architects, consultants and all professional advisors that enable us to unlock the potential in the land and maximise the value for the landowner. The whole team gets involved in the design and delivery process to ensure a successful outcome every time.

We are have expertise in both immediate land delivery and strategic delivery, making us the ideal partner for any landowner to deliver both value and a fitting legacy to their property.

Operating Area and Target Towns/Cities

Metis Homes land requirements

We at Metis Homes are always hungry for suitable new development opportunities.We are interested in a variety of land and development sites.

  • As a business we need land to deliver between 75‑100 new homes per year
  • Our aim is to achieve 10‑12 new land transactions per annum
  • We are looking for sites in Dorset, Hampshire, Surrey, West Sussex, South Berkshire & Wiltshire – please see our map for our zone of operation above
  • Our preference is for subject to planning acquisitions, but we are also able to acquire sites unconditionally, both with and without planning permission

The opportunities we are interested in can be divided into 5 distinct categories:

1. Immediate land - land that tends to be within existing settlement boundaries, where there is already a planning policy designation in favour of residential development which allows us to develop the site within a 2 year timeframe.

2. Strategic land – land which doesn’t have planning permission or a presumption in favour of residential development currently, but has potential to be promoted for development over a longer period. This tends to be in the form of greenfield land holdings which haven’t been previously developed, or even large brownfield sites, outside but adjoining/close to existing settlements.

3. Mixed Use sites – sites which have a mixture of use classes where there is a residential element to be delivered. An example of this would be a supermarket with residential apartments above.

4. Commercial Redevelopment sites – these tend to be brownfield sites that are redundant or underutilised that can benefit from being redeveloped into residential schemes. Offices, pubs, petrol filling stations and old industrial estate are good examples.

5. The RO Group Property RequirementsThe RO Group are actively looking to acquire income generating assets such as offices, hotels, industrial units, petrol stations, warehouse

1. Immediate land

This is the principal source of land for our business and allows us to continually develop and grow the company.We are looking for sites that meet our Key Criteria:

• Land with or without planning permission for 5 – 50 Units
• Minimum Gross Development Value (GDV) of £3,000,000
• Average sales values of between £300 – £600 sq/ft, or from £200,000 – £1,000,000 sales values for private homes
• We will consider housing, apartment and affordable housing schemes.  As a business we are able to acquire sites through a variety of methods; conditional/unconditional contracts, option/promotion agreements and joint ventures with landowners or other parties.

Immediate Land contact

2. Strategic land

Our strategic land assets provide us with opportunities for our future growth over the next 10 years. Strategic land is land that in the longer term can be included in a Local Authority's plan to deliver its housing needs. This land often needs to be promoted by the developer and landowner over a sustained period of time.

• Greenfield or brownfield sites
• Site sizes from 1‑100 acres
• Sites that can deliver a minimum of 10 dwellings
• Sites that can deliver up to 250 dwellings
• Sites that adjoin or are well related to existing settlements
• Parcels of land that form part of a wider residential strategic allocation
• Deliverable over a 2‑10 year period

The Land and Planning team at Metis Homes has a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds from time spent working for some of the country's best known housebuilders and consultancies.

Recent strategic sites:

• North Baddesley, Baddesley Close – 35 Units
• Hythe, Forest Lodge Farm – 45 Units

strategic land contact

3. Mixed use sites

These sorts of opportunities come in many guises, but they must contain a suitable element of residential development, in line with our immediate land requirements. We are able to get involved with sites that other housebuilders will not consider because they are not set up to deal with the different construction methods that are required. As we often work with main contractors we simply do not have this constraint and are therefore able to build out these schemes alongside the commercial developer.

Mixed Use Contact

4. Commercial redevelopment sites

Commonly referred to as brownfield sites these are wide and varied but they are often redundant or underutilised commercial premises. These opportunities tend to be buildings that have fallen into disrepair or are no longer in use.

As a housebuilder we will look at these sites on a conditional, unconditional or JV basis depending on the opportunity. If the sites are still in use, and generating some income, then with our unique relationship with the RO Group we are able to acquire commercial premises on an unconditional basis and hold as an investment until the site is capable of redevelopment.
• Office Permitted Development – change of use to flats
• Care homes
• Petrol filling stations
• Pubs
• Hotels
• Lot sizes from £2M – £7M

Commercial use contact

5. The RO Group commercial property requirements

RO Real Estate and its various sister companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of the RO Group which is a privately owned group of companies established in 1932. The RO has always invested in a diverse range of interests which today embraces commercial property, housebuilding, holiday lodges and financial services. Their commercial property division, RO Real Estate, has built over 1.1m sq ft to date and current manages over 1m sq ft of office, industrial, retail and hotel accommodation. All acquisitions are funded through existing cash resources.

We have a real enthusiasm for exploring new opportunities and a history of working in partnership with others to create successful outcomes. Please do get in touch should you know of any opportunities that meet the following criteria. 

Asset Management and Development Criteria for Short/Medium term income opportunities:

  • Potential future redevelopment / refurbishment / extension
  • Long term alternative use angles preferred
  • Southern half of England focus
  • Office, industrial, retail or land
  • Good micro-location (prime pitch or near railway station or near major arterial road / motorway)
  • £2-7m lot size

Investment Criteria:

  • Long term income opportunities
  • To drive a 7% + ungeared IRR, minimum of 15 years
  • Southern England location is not a pre-requisite but good regional locations only (Scotland excluded)
  • Office, hotel, industrial, petrol filling station, retail warehouse, motor trade, retail sectors (not shopping centres)
  • Strong regional location and micro location
  • £2-7m lot size

Sector Fundamentals:

  • High Street retail – must be destination location with good footfall. Prime pitch with upper floors for potential residential conversion
  • Out of town retail – strong regional locations, prime or strong secondary parks with high traffic flows
  • Hotels – 25+ years leases with RPI kickers
  • PFS – strong locations with main road frontage and high traffic flows
  • Office – strong locations with low supply and high demand / take up
  • Industrial – in excess of 40,000 sq ft. Edge of town locations with good connectivity